Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 3

I feel good so far with this whole thing.

The Little One had yogurt for breakfast. The Husband and I had coffee plus I had one of the leftover chicken cacciotore manicotti. Yep...I've got nothing against dinner for breakfast. Besides, there is still plenty leftover for a meal later on. Then we had a salad for lunch and The Husband took another two turkey sandwiches. We are out of green pepper now. :( I let half of it go bad (slaps hand! bad bad me!). This will be easier when I don't have to think about fresh food spoiling.

Meal plan so far:
I'm going to add rice to the beans tonight. The Husband wanted to save the ground beef for burgers. So cooking up some rice, adding it to the leftover Spicy Beans, wrapping in tortillas and baking. Dipped in Salsa like a taquito.

Burgers for dinner tomorrow night, probably use up the half bag of french fries that are left. We also need to do burgers soon because we have a few burger buns.

Sunday is going to be leftover day to clean things out and start the week fresh.

Still need to get that overall meal plan going. otherwise more fresh food will go bad I am sure. ACK.

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