Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's been a good week

Though I am falling into old habits. I can't resist buying food when it's on sale AND I know I will use it. I'm restocking my freezer and today alone I bought a huge pork loin, 2 packages of pork chops and a big jumbo pack of pork sausage. Good thing we like pork!! Did I mention that yesterday I bought 2 packages of ground pork? EEK.

But how do I stop myself? Yes, all of it will be eaten of course. Especially with winter and colder weather coming. In fact, the loin will be used tomorrow and the ground will be used in a meal next week. The chops on Monday. But how do I resist stocking up on so much?

Does anyone do a scheduled eat from the pantry week? I came across some references to this over the last week and thought it was interesting. But scary too.

Anyway, we've done well eating leftovers and sticking to the meal plan.

I am borrowing a friend's waffle maker this weekend to make our own and freeze them. Has to be cheaper than buying them every week right? I'll be looking for waffle recipes, if anyone would like to suggest any.

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  1. We're doing an accidental eat from the pantry week this week, actually. It hasn't been too bad, lots of chicken (from the freezer), we did breakfast for dinner two nights (one waffles/bacon; one eggs/toast), and things like that.

    As for waffles, I just used the recipe in the Betty Crocker cookbook. I don't think it was actually too much cheaper than buying them, but I think they taste better and of course I know what's in them. I double or triple the batch and freeze them.