Monday, September 12, 2011

This is freaking me out now...

This is my fridge tonight. I opened it a little while ago and there was an empty shelf. A completely empty shelf. This is not okay with me and makes my heart race a bit. While I assume some people think this looks like a perfectly fine fridge, full of food, blah blah..I see all that space that needs to be filled with food. Especially on the you see all those unused shelves on the bottom??? BTW, I cleaned the fridge shelves under the guise of cleaning but really it was to rearrange all the food so each shelf had things on it.

Eh nevermind..there should be two pictures here but I can't get them edited properly. Maybe another day. You know..when it's even more empty and I'm losing my mind.

Anyway, here is what is left.

Pork carnitas
3 meat roasts
4 whole chickens
chicken legs (2 bags, maybe 5-6 per bag)
chicken thighs (1 bag, maybe 5-6 per bag)
1 lb ground buffalo
1 lb ground pork
2 2 breasts size frozen chicken breasts
1 1 lb ground beef
2 pork spare ribs
bottom round steak, thin sliced, maybe .80 lb
short ribs (tiny serving)
eye round steak (tiny serving)
ham (like you'd get for Easter but not spiral sliced)

2.5 bags frozen peas
2 single sliced frozen zucchini
2 frozen bananas
1 package frozen plain bagel
1 package blueberry waffles (about 6 left?)
1 lb breakfast sausage
1 loaf whole wheat bread (frozen) (some slices gone now)
frozen blueberries
raisin bread (frozen)
2 bags strawberries (frozen)
frozen spinach (flash frozen to be individual leaves)

basmati rice
elbow mac
organic beef stock
newmans alfredo garlic sauce
salsa (2 jars)
5 jars spag sauce
random few bites left boxes of pasta (probably 6-8 of these, all different)
mini farfafelle
manicotti (6 shells left)
hellmans 2
Newmans balsamic vinaigrette
1 can crushed tomatoes
2 cans diced tomatoes
4 cans rotel
3 cans black beans
1 can cannelloni beans
small jar of pesto
1 tube tomato paste (now opened)
2 cans baked beans
1 can corn
3 cans green beans
3 cans peas
corn tortillas
flour tortillas
dirty rice mix
white rice
2 chicken noodle premix stuff (lipton side stuff)
chicken rice pre mix
2 bags of black beans
1 bag navy beans
1 bag black eyed peas
jiffy corn muffin mix
peanut butter

strawberry jelly
peach jelly
1 lb butter
fresh cherry tomatoes were roasted to save from going bad
cheese (cheddar, mont jack, provolone, moz, parm) This is getting very low
fresh cheese tortellini
5 eggs
BBQ sauce


  1. You are doing a great job! I would like to see pictures of said fridge!