Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Food Today and plan for leftovers

Before this little twist arrived, I made Spicy Beans from Pioneer Woman for dinner tonight.

First, holy wow, it's spicy AND good! I also made up a box of the Jiffy Cornbread because I had 2. In order to make my bowl not spicy enough to eat, I used some full fat greek yogurt (can easily be used a savory like sour cream) and some cheddar cheese. This means yes, I ate probably a serving of the yogurt that my son eats in the morning.

The husband will simply fill a bowl, add some cornbread and probably drown the stuff in Frank's Red Hot.

With the leftovers I am trying to decide if I should thaw a packet of ground beef or do rice. Either way, I want to roll up some tortillas and bake the whole thing. This would be dinner for Friday. The Husband will bring turkey sandwiches tomorrow and Friday. I'll eat some of the beans for lunch tomorrow and probably finish off the cornbread. The Little One will share with me for lunch tomorrow. Friday I'll do a salad to use up some of the fresh veg and The Little One has suddenly begun to love salad.

This leaves tomorrow for a meal for dinner. A friend suggested a crock pot Chicken Cacciatore using some of the chicken thighs, then stuffing it into the manicotti shells. It could be interesting! I'll get the recipe and update the food list.

Little One yogurt and fruit
The Husband and I coffee (sure it's not healthy but oh well)

The Husband turkey sandwiches
Me and the Little One leftover beans and cornbread and cheese

Chicken Cacciatorre stuffed into Manicotti shells

Little One yogurt and fruit

The Husband turkey sandwiches
Me and the Little One salad

Leftover Beans re-purposed into baked stuffed tortilla shells. Dip into some salsa..almost like taquitos??

This would remove the following from the food list:

2 yogurt
some of the frozen blueberries
sliced deli turkey
8 slices of white bread
Some lettuce
Chicken thighs (on pack)
green pepper
1 TBSP Tomato paste
1 can diced tomatoes
cherry tomatoes
some flour tortillas
rice or 1 package ground beef (If I do beef should I only use half of a pound to stretch? How good would the other half pound be good for and what would I use it in before it goes bad?)

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  1. I'd do 1/2 pound to stretch it since you've already got beans. And then I'd make the other into meatballs to put into a soup. Or do spaghetti with meatballs or meat sauce. Or you could do burgers for lunch for you and the little guy. Or you could make 2 mini meatloaves for lunch.