Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oops and welcome back

Fell off the wagon there a bit didn't I? Ahh well..back on.

With things crazy round here due to The Husband being home we're re examining our food budget again. We are making two dinners each night now. We took the friend up on their offer to cook them dinner each night and it seems to be working well. We're working out kinks, like making things more flavorful/spicy for them than we have. We erred on the side of less figuring making something too spicy can render it inedible. Now we know.

We're working on a meal plan for the coming week, based upon sales and what's in the pantry. Pork Loins are on sale and there is a rice and beans recipe that I have been eager to try. Plus that will use up some beans in the pantry. I need to work on a list of what we have again and then create this week's meal plan. I also have a feeling Shep Pie will be on the menu. The weather is turning cooler and I'm eager for hearty meals!

Thank you to those who have kept reading. And thank you to Becca for nudging me gently to get back to this.

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