Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 4

Good afternoon all! It's been a busy day with a smidge of good news to counter the bad of yesterday. As of yesterday, The Husband will now have plenty more time to spend with The Little One. We'll get through, life gets busy happening when we make plans right? retrospect, this happening couldn't have come at a better time. I'm already in food saving/stretching mode.

In other news, I picked up American Wasteland this morning at the library. I got this book specifically because of Chapter 8 and how to not waste as much food in the home. This chapter specially got good reviews online so I was excited to read it. Want to know what's in the chapter? if you're going to buy a funky ingredient, use it twice in one week! How novel! How groundbreaking! How eye roll worthy. *sigh* oh and don't go grocery shopping without a list and while hungry. Avoid processed foods. Really? I already know and do all of that. Waste of time. Oh well. Maybe my little blog will save someone else time.

Now on to food for today.

The Little One had yogurt again and The Husband and I had coffee. I had a nice salad for lunch and The Little One had a PB & J with strawberry jelly. Dinner will be the burgers and fries.

I did get Perfect One Dish Dinners from the library and am hoping to get some inspiration. A Tamale Pie might show up on the menu soon.

Hmmm..we also got a half serious but might be more..not quite sure offer. Someone would pay for half of our grocery bill if we cooked for them. What do you think?? Should we pursue this? It certainly couldn't hurt to have half of our groceries paid for right now. Beh, they were probably only kidding.

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